Who We Are

Insight Exhibits LLC, brings over twenty­ five years of creative talent, skilled artistry, practical knowledge and experience in producing museum exhibits of the highest quality.  We excel in museum exhibits that require extensive experience and an obsession with quality. Our fabrication process has been refined over the past two decades to ensure a smooth project from the time we receive the exhibition drawings to the fabrication and final installation.

Working in concert with museum directors, designers and architects enables us to bring their exhibit ideas into fruition. Custom made pedestals, acrylic display cases, platforms and our unique modular wall systems are all fabricated as required in our facility by a highly trained and competent staff.

We can solidify your designs into a three dimensional reality by utilizing the latest CAD-CAM technology. The use of this very powerful software in conjunction with our CNC router permits unparalleled accuracy in the translation of any design file. Our fabrication process has been refined over the past 25 years to ensure smooth project from the time we receive the approved drawing to the final delivery and installation of the exhibit.

Unexpected problems will come up that must be resolved in a timely and expert manner. We maintain a close relationship with museum personnel throughout the project. Depending on the museums preference, we communicate via phone, email, or in ­person. Invariably, successful projects require clear lines of communication to address unanticipated external factors or the need for changes in the drawings prior to fabrication. We excel at being proactive to both mitigate and address unanticipated external factors that can impact the project.

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